Counter intuitive

A content brief will ask you to be daring, think out of the box, venture bravely into the fields of your imagination … and yet, who is to decide if a piece of content will hit bulls eye? Time and again there have been instances of sleeper hits where films and shows have surprised the box office predictors.

An idea that appears exceedingly simple or way off the defined path or too ambitious can be that game changer. It is important to allow for some intuitive, instinctive gut in the business.

There is a reason that good creative programmers are so few and far between. They require the ability to recognise the line and nimbly walk it and at times even venture away from it while building that legacy of variety, success and innovation. They listen to focus groups, observe trends, are aware of the world around them, understand the shifting tides and changing tastes, embrace the universal language of love, faith, hope, triumph and miracles … and eventually follow their instinct.

Their legacy will always speak for them.

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