Editorial in the time of a pandemic

We see around us a large workforce of heroes putting aside their personal safety and fighting to save lives at hospitals; ensuring hygiene across localities; delivering essential groceries and medicines to prevent people from stepping out and to stall the virus in its tracks; raising funds and supplying food to the hungry migrants stuck at the state borders on their way home … the list is endless and inspiring.

In circumstances like these where most people are rising above and beyond the call of duty … to observe some news outfits pandering to party agenda; losing sight of their duty to disseminate objective information, to assess and inform, to see situations from all angles and not just one … it is a massive let down. Bowing and scraping is so tired. Isn’t it time to find a spine?

In times like this, how do these anchors and reporters not feel like traitors to the people? The world is witness to the deaths, the neglect, the social inequality that has come into sharp focus like never before. Where is the commitment to give them a voice? To reveal the sinners and the saints?

Don’t become the sinners guys. Not at this time. Not when the people are banking on you to throw light on the injustices they are dealing with. Not when you are needed to shed light on hidden facts. To keep the system answerable.

Question the system. Question the agenda, the motive, the planning. Hold them accountable. Please don’t put them on a pedestal. Please don’t allow them to turn you into puppets.

Don’t sit back. Don’t kowtow. No one seeks a legacy of shame. This is a time when heroes are needed. To be a person of influence in this hour is to be blessed with a cape. Use it. Make a difference.

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