The Good Stuff

To stumble upon two good books in succession, after reading some pretty tedious ones, is like a windfall. The sense of deep satisfaction and gratefulness that fills the soul, as you settle into the new world, is unmatched. So, I'll begin with my book recommendations and then move on to the rest. Books : Strange…Read more The Good Stuff

Content Matters

(20th December, 2022) Here are some more discoveries from my digital treasure hunt. Everything is not a treasure but I'd like to spare you the duds I've inevitably encountered. Books : I'm currently in the middle of Richard Galbraith's aka JK Rowling's book, The Ink Black Heart. Robin and Strike's romantic track reads like Ekta…Read more Content Matters

This Week’s Recommendations

(10th Dec, 2022) WordPress keeps prompting me to talk about my experiences this year. I'd rather share some of the engrossing editorials, entertaining shows and inspiring talks I have come across this week. Articles - The 'Grey's Anatomy' Liar Confesses it All featured in The Ankler was a revelation, for me at least. A huge…Read more This Week’s Recommendations