Judgement Day

Those who create content for public consumption are the most vulnerable and the most courageous.

To stand in the limelight and be willing to take the brickbats with the bouquets from not just those who know you but random strangers as well … requires a special armour. To be feted and ridiculed, often by the same people, sometimes to your face or behind your back, is tough to not take personally.

I’ve seen the passionate and driven creators who plough on regardless of their sensitivity meter. For them, their creation is all consuming and beyond the reach of the critics.

Maybe, that is the reason why such content feels honest and irrefutable. It provokes a visceral reaction based on individual life experiences. It resonates with the consumer and forces a response.

I salute all those who are brave enough to put themselves in the way of a judgement train that is unforgiving, quick to dismiss and equally quick to praise.

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