Meetings & Etiquetted

It was 12.30pm. I sat in the waiting room, cradling my second cup of awful machine coffee, trying not to allow the annoyance to surface. I rescheduled my next two upcoming appointments and cancelled one other. There was little choice. The client was God or would have you believe they were. An hour after the…Read more Meetings & Etiquetted

Big Ticket Non-Fiction – Survival of the Fittest?

The early 2000s saw the launch and entry of the big ticket, international super formats into India starting with Who wants to be a millionaire (kaun banega crorepati) followed by music, dance, variety entertainment, adventure and cookery formats. India had never seen entertainment so scaled up, larger than life and dialed up with massive doses…Read more Big Ticket Non-Fiction – Survival of the Fittest?


Sticky content is often used in the television circles to connote a show that attracts and retains a large number of loyal viewers and builds new audiences for the broadcaster. In reality, stickiness has become so unsticky that its worth questioning if we need a fresh approach to clocking loyal viewers. The top parameters for…Read more Stickiness