The World of Entertainment post Covid-19

Pre-Covid it was an industry transitioning into the digital space in India, experimenting with content, spending outrageous sums of money, hiring the most expensive movie faces and movie crews. Web series were being commissioned indiscriminately and monetisation was still WIP. This led to crazy, untutored, unthinking, masturbatory onslaught of 'edgy' and 'wildly creative' content which…Read more The World of Entertainment post Covid-19

New Age journalism

I scrolled through twitter with growing concern. I was dismayed to find that journalists and celebrities, some of who I considered 'sensible' and 'grounded', were leading the cheerleaders in armchair patriotism. How simple it is to sit with a phone in hand and send out some 'words'. How easy it is to forget that you're…Read more New Age journalism