This Week’s Recommendations

(10th Dec, 2022)

WordPress keeps prompting me to talk about my experiences this year. I’d rather share some of the engrossing editorials, entertaining shows and inspiring talks I have come across this week.

Articles –

  1. The ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Liar Confesses it All featured in The Ankler was a revelation, for me at least. A huge fan of the series Grey’s Anatomy, I was hooked on this story about the head writer who spun a personal story so deftly that she had the entire unit including Shonda sympathising with her. Today she’s an outcast. This could easily be the premise of a brand-new show. Once again it becomes evident how truth is stranger than fiction.
  2. Could an A.I. chatbot rewrite my novel? featured in The New Yorker. According to Recht, “These systems are a reflection of a collective Internet …”. I tend to agree. If creativity and innovation can be replaced by AI then the human race is probably done for. Generic output can only be mediocre even if it is an aggregation of the most creative works.

Web Series :

  1. Slow Horses 2 on Apple TV. I binge-watched season 1. I can’t do the same for season 2 because it lands on Apple TV every Friday. I don’t have the patience to watch the series after all episodes have been released. The weekly release does dilute its momentum but following the ‘slow’ misfits demoted from MI5 and now in Gary Oldman’s ‘care’ is too enjoyable.

Film :

  1. Let Him Go on Netflix, starring Kevin Costner, Lesley Manville and Diane Lane is dark and violent. Set in Montana on a ranch it is a story of an elderly couple dealing with grief. The film is tense, taut and nerve-wracking more so because of the vulnerability of the protagonists who set out to rescue their grandson. The direction the story takes is shocking and unpredictable. The characters are superbly etched and hauntingly portrayed.

Podcasts :

  1. Spark & Fire on Apple was created by WaitWhat. The podcast takes you through creative journeys of iconic works. The navigation of constantly evolving situations, the decisions required, the various hurdles and the patience the creators had to embrace while embarking on their respective creations make for intriguing content.

The Cute and Funny bits from social media :

That is it for now.

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