New Age journalism


I scrolled through twitter with growing concern. I was dismayed to find that journalists and celebrities, some of who I considered ‘sensible’ and ‘grounded’, were leading the cheerleaders in armchair patriotism.

How simple it is to sit with a phone in hand and send out some ‘words’. How easy it is to forget that you’re influencers, journalists with responsibility, fact checkers, disseminators of truth. How easy it is to fall into a neatly laid trap of nationalistic fervour.

Herd journalism has consequences. It creates a pressure centre that gains a life and momentum of its own. When there is nothing to balance a majority POV … just like a poor opposition … no eye to the future, no warning of consequences and everyone is caught up in a moment of ‘revenge’ and supposed ‘victory’ … a peek into a possible  outcome can be a real wake up call.

The families whose members are fighting at the front on our behalf are the people who face potential loss and pain. Their courage and resolve are being tested on a moment to moment basis. The day this war arrives at our doorsteps and the pain and loss enters our homes … that day we will all wish we had never participated in this battle cry.

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