Are You Listening?


‘Television is not going anywhere!’ ‘OTT is here to stay. It will destroy television!’ ‘Theatres will no longer exist!’ ‘Why bother making movies for the big screen …’.

On and on it goes.

As a viewer, when I watch a show, movie, event, clip, music video, recipe … I don’t care where I see it as long as it’s at my convenience, on a device that allows me to see it at my time. What does this have to do with the screen? It could be any screen … maybe, I cast the content of my choice on to my tv screen or I watch it on my phone while driving to work or on my iPad while putting my legs up on my table. It is all about ME, MY CHOICE and MY TIME.

As a content provider, you need to give me a variety of content so I’m never at a loss for options. If you don’t … someone else will. This is the reality. You will need to create content that falls into different budget buckets to manage your funds while smartly assessing the best ratio-proportion of small-medium-upscale content to feed my greed. And I will pay as long as I don’t feel ripped off.

How will I know if you’re ripping me off? Let me give you an example … when I go to a brick and mortar showroom, I scan the prices. I then do a quick cross check with Amazon and a couple of other product specific sites and over a period this approach makes me aware of the best opportunities and deals. You think I won’t do the same with content? I will pay the one who I think gives me best value for my money.

So show me the content and I’ll show you the money. And with a little respect please! I’m a discerning viewer and your attitude towards me will reflect how far your content travels. Build your universe around me and see how you thrive.

Yes. I did mention … this is all about me.

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