Oscars 2017

The Oscars this year, seemed to be making up for their lapse last year by ensuring that there was enough diversity present right from hosting to performances to best picture. Unfortunately, the Best Picture award turned into a fiasco with La La Land being rudely overthrown by Moonlight … on stage … LIVE. Warren Beatty tried hard to disassociate from the moment while8f068ac4bf04736887006b26dd562697 the audience looked as unbelieving as the recipients of the award. PwC issued an apology for the mix up shortly afterwards.

Jimmy Kimmel kept things going at an even keel alongside an 11 year old ongoing revenge saga with Matt Damon. The Trump digs were gentle and minimal. The show overall was more understated than usual. Candy, cookies and doughnuts, dropped intermittently from the heavens above, billowing gently down on parachutes and kept hunger pangs at bay.

The Awards took a conscious detour from glamour by including a surprise segment with ‘real people’ who got to walk along the front row of the Dolby Theatre while the awards were in progress, taking selfies and gasping with awe. The inclusion made little sense and one couldn’t help but wonder why.

Viola Davis and Emma Stone gave articulate and impassioned acceptance speeches. The 32 year old director of La La Land, Damien Chazelle, was the youngest ever to win a best director award at the Oscars. Priyanka Chopra was visible on the red carpet wearing a risqué gown which may have our moral guardians outraged. Ryan Gosling did not look pleased that Casey Affleck walked away with the Best Actor award and his snigger during the Best Picture chaos is something he will want to wish away for the rest of his career.

This year could be a trend setter of sorts. Every winner will now wait for a beat before acknowledging their win and every guest host will look suspiciously at their cue card and send up a small prayer before taking the leap and announcing a winner.

A ho-hum affair just became the talk of town.






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